Residential land development activity profiles

The residential land development activity profiles are updated quarterly and provide a comprehensive summary of recent development and dwelling activity indicators within local government areas and some regional planning areas. Topics covered include broadhectare land supply, uncompleted lots (approvals, operational works, and certifications), lot registrations, lot sales, dwelling sales and dwelling approvals. The information in the profile can be used to provide an indication of the state of residential development in the selected region. Residential land development activity spreadsheets are also available.

Please note: Residential land development activity profiles data are subject to revision each quarter as new information becomes available. This includes extra lots approved/certified by local government authorities and new settlements of sales transactions.

New topic: Material change of use (MCU) approvals for multiple dwellings for local government areas in South East Queensland (SEQ). Please note that reports run with Queensland (part) as the comparison region (Step 3) will not include the MCU topic. Please either select 'no comparison region required' or 'SEQ Planning Region'.

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